Setting up a business entity in Singapore is one of the best decision you will ever take. Singapore is enthused about entrepreneurs and each year more than 5000 start-ups are formed in Singapore. It is the corporate hub of Asia and a country that entrepreneurs love to work in. Following reasons will strengthen your decision to incorporate business in Singapore.

  • Ample of funding opportunity

Singapore loves and respects entrepreneurs and there are ample of funding opportunity available to those who wish to set a business entity in Singapore. From Government to private companies, funds are available generously if you have a great business plan. SPRING, IE SINGAPORE, IDA, etc. have multiple grants and funding for business. Mid- sized firms, too, have an access to lot of government assistance like SEEDS to help them grow and expand.

  • Safe economy

The best gem of Singaporean economy is its investment environment. Registration systems, too, are easy and straightforward. The government makes continuous efforts to train local labour in sectors of finance and technology. A number of incorporation advisory services are available in Singapore for you to start smoothly and safely.

  • Enforceable Legal System

Singapore is strict and unbiased about its law and order. The legal system here is absolutely incorruptible. Singapore is one of the safest countries to live and work in. Business laws too, are rigorous and unbiased. Government of Singapore pays special attention to provide safety to those setting up a business entity in its country.

  • Low Taxes   

Tax Structuring in Singapore is clear and transparent. Corporate tax here is relatively low (17%) in comparison to United States. There are plenty of tax deductions available too like the productivity and innovation credit. More can be found on the website of IRAS.

Now that you know the top benefits of being an entrepreneur in Singapore, contact a good Compliance and Incorporation Advisory Service provider today and get started with turning your dreams to reality.  

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